Fulton Ranch Site Clean-up

  • Environmental Engineering
Fulton Ranch Site Clean-up

Client:  Bettie Fulton
Funding Source: Private
Project Location: Eureka, CA

The Fulton Ranch, just outside of Eureka, CA, was the site of an unpermitted burn of numerous hazardous materials including batteries, chemicals, electronics, plastics, glass, metal and paint among many other items.  Pacific Affiliates completed a workplan for the cleanup of hazardous materials the burn site and any contaminated soil.  After overseeing the cleanup, Pacific Affiliates completed a Report of Findings summarizing the cleanup and the results of soil testing.  Constrained by weather and pending change of ownership, Pacific Affiliates was able to permit and oversee the site clean-up in time to preserve the sale of the property.

Tasks Performed:

  • Site investigation to catalog hazardous materials
  • Site Assessment and Workplan for clean up
  • Project Manager for site cleanup activities
  • Obtain soil samples for testing at laboratory
  • Complete Report of Findings from site cleanup
  • Fulton Ranch Site Clean-up