Pacific Affiliates

Pacific Affiliates Inc. is a Civil Engineering firm based in Eureka, CA.  Founded by David and Kathleen Schneider in 1980, the firm is presently owned and operated by Travis Schneider.  For more than 30 years Pacific Affiliates has served clients throughout the Western United States, specializing in Northern California civil engineering needs for public, private and corporate clients.

Originally established as a mom and pop business specializing in surveying, the company has evolved into a firm providing complete civil engineering services throughout the western United States.  Pacific Affiliates' team of engineers, surveyors, and contractors are licensed in California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Hawaii, South Dakota, New Mexico, Arizona, Guam, and British Columbia.

Projects completed by Pacific Affiliates are as diverse and complex as the clients we have served. Built on the fundamentals of personalized service, excellence in engineering, and unparalleled project completion times distinguish the company as a leader in the markets it serves.  The success of Pacific Affiliates is driven by our commitment to fulfilling the civil engineering needs of Northern California, our ability to pioneer new professional territory, and our continuous return customers.