Shoreline RV Park

  • Land Development
Shoreline RV Park

Client:  Shoreline RV Park, LLC.
Funding Source: Statewide Bank
Project Location: Eureka, CA

Shoreline RV Park is located in the northeast corner of Eureka between Highway 101 and the Eureka Slough.  Prior to the project, the site had operated as an RV Park (formerly Ebb Tide RV Park), however, it had deteriorated to the point that it was unusable and an eyesore to those passing by on Highway 101.  Pacific Affiliates created a plan that included new paving, landscaping, fencing, replacement of existing utilities and an office building with facilities for the park guests.  In developing the plan for the RV Park, Pacific Affiliates was very cognizant of the project’s proximity to the sensitive habitat of surrounding wetlands and the Humboldt Bay tidal waters.  Pacific Affiliates ability to maintain existing park features, incorporate new features with the surroundings, and meet the permitting requirements provided the basis for the park to open as the only 9/10 rated RV Park in Eureka, CA. 

Tasks Performed:

  • Topographical site survey
  • Site and building plans
  • Construction specifications
  • Project permitting - City of Eureka, Housing and Urban Development, California Coastal Commission and Caltrans
  • Construction staking
  • Construction inspection
  • Contract administration
  • Shoreline RV Park