Bettendorf Trucking

  • Environmental Engineering
Bettendorf Trucking

Client:  Bettendorf Trucking Enterprise
Funding Source: Bettendorf Trucking Enterprise
Project Location: Arcata, CA

Bettendorf Trucking is a regional trucking company based in Arcata, CA.  In the mid 1990’s, Bettendrof discovered contaminated soil near their fuel dispensing station at their headquarters in Arcata, CA.  After excavating the majority of the contaminated soil, a workplan outlining the methods and procedures for the collection of soil and water samples during the installation of groundwater monitoring wells was completed.  After extensive monitoring, Pacific Affiliates identified the extents of contaminants, prepared a workplan for excavation and remediation Humboldt County Department of Environmental Health and the State Water Resources Control Board. Careful monitoring of on-site excavation provided 

Tasks Performed:

  • Complete Workplan for Subsurface Investigation and Installation of Monitoring Wells
  • Obtain water samples from monitoring wells quarterly and submit to laboratory for testing
  • Complete Quarterly Monitoring Report summarizing findings and make recommendations on future testing
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