Baywood Heights Subdivision

  • Land Surveying
Baywood Heights Subdivision

Client: Pete and Denny Hess Partnership
Funding Source: Pete and Denny Hess Partnership
Project Location: Bayside, CA

The locked gate community adjacent to Baywood Golf and Country Club is home to some of the finest homes in Humboldt County.  Totaling only 13 parcels, but covering nearly 40 acres, Pacific Affiliates designed a subdivision that preserved the natural beauty of the area, while providing a manageable and economical feasible number of building sites.  Pacific Affiliates’ staff of engineers tackled the topographically challenging parcel, ranging in from sea level to 300’ in elevation, while minimizing the overall impact of infrastructure on the development.

Tasks Performed:

  • Complete permitting through the County of Humboldt
  • Boundary and Topographical surveys
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Civil Design of all subdivision features
  • Project Management and Contract Administration
  • Parcel Map
  • As-built surveys
  • Baywood Heights Subdivision