Imperiale Square Structural Analysis

  • Structural Engineering
Imperiale Square Structural Analysis

Client:  Imperiale Square, LLC
Funding Source: Sequoia Insurance Company
Project Location: Eureka, CA

An existing three story timber framed deck structure attached to the rear of the Imperiale Square mixed use building in Old Town Eureka experienced the failure of a structural member.  Pacific Affiliates was hired to do an analysis of the structure, which uncovered several rotting beams, columns, decking boards and corrosion in the connecting hardware.  A structural analysis was completed and the deck was redesigned to meet current code while maintaining the architectural appearance of the original timber deck.  The successful completion of repairs and replacement of the failing structure ensured no future hazards or threats to safety.

Tasks Performed:

  • Structural inspection
  • Structural analysis
  • Design of new deck structure
  • Complete building plans and details