G&R Metals Bathymetric Survey

  • Hydrographic Surveying
G&R Metals Bathymetric Survey

Client: LACO Associates
Funding Source: G&R Metals, City of Eureka, Superfund
Project Location: Eureka, CA

Formerly the location of G&R Metals, the City of Eureka purchased the subject site as part of a larger waterfront revitalization and development project in the 1990's.  Due to heavy industrial use over an extended period of the time, the site was found to be contaminated with a number of heavy contaminants.  As part of the revitalization process and subsequent redevelopment, the City of Eureka worked closely with Stantec Environmental Contractors and LACO Associates to remediate the site and return it to a more natural state.  Pacific Affiliates was hired as a sub-consultant to perform a pre-construction subsurface investigation and hydrographic survey of the shoreline at the subject site.  Data collected by Pacific Affiliates was used for pay estimates and quantities as part of the rehabilitation of said site.

Tasks Performed:
  • Hydrographic Survey