Sweetheart Motors

  • Environmental Engineering
Sweetheart Motors

Client:  Tony and Denise Fraga
Funding Source: Private
Project Location: Eureka, CA

The Sweetheart Motors project is an ongoing effort to clean up the site of a former gasoline station.  The site of a former leaking underground storage tank, Pacific Affiliates was hired to oversee the monitoring and remediation of the site in accordance with the Humboldt County Department of Environmental Health regulations.  Faced with the unique challenge of very little to no historic information on the site, Pacific Affiliates has moved quickly to identify and address site concerns.  After initial assessment and investigation, and clean-up, the site has moved rapidly towards a clean bill of health. Pacific Affiliates continues to monitor the site as the project moves towards closure.

Tasks Performed:

  • Complete Workplan for Initial Subsurface Investigation
  • Report of Findings from Subsurface Investigation
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) investigation to search for underground storage tank
  • Oversee soil borings and obtain soil and water samples for analysis at laboratory
  • Workplan for installation of monitoring wells at site
  • Interpret data from neighboring clean up site and its affect on project site
  • Sweetheart Motors