30th Street Extension

  • Water Resources
30th Street Extension

Client:  City of Arcata
Funding Source: City of Arcata
Project Location: Arcata, CA

This project involved the extension of water and sewer lines to the Westwood Village Area, in Arcata, to service an area still on wells and septic systems. The 800 linear feet mainline water extension at 30th Street in Arcata provided water and sewage service to residents from Alliance Rd and 30th Street to the end of 30th Street.  Pacific Affiliates provided complete engineering services, project management services, construction management services on the project including reporting to the funding agencies.

Tasks Performed:

  • Design alternatives for the project
  • Coordinate all pre-construction meetings and meetings during construction between contractors and City Representatives
  • Conduct construction survey staking and grade checking to the contractor
  • Review progress payment requests and make recommendations for payment to the City of Arcata
  • Maintain and review certified payroll submittals
  • Insure the project’s compliance with permit requirements
  • Track the project’s schedule and budget, updating the City of Arcata regularly with the project’s status
  • Insure the construction of the project meets project specifications and the acceptability of the City of Arcata
  • Provide all coordination of project meetings, testing, representative communications, etc.
  • Process change orders and submittals for the project
  • Provide all construction inspections and testing for the Water Main Extension
  • Provide as-built drawings during the water main extension construction and the final as-built drawings
  • 30th Street Extension