Benchmark Realty

  • Architectural Design
Benchmark Realty

Client:  Benchmark Realty Group
Funding Source: Benchmark Realty Group
Project Location: Eureka, CA

When Benchmark Realty purchased the former Humboldt Land Title Co. building, it was in need of a makeover to accommodate its new occupants.  Pacific Affiliates was tasked with redesigning the exterior of the building to give it a fresh appearance.  Prior to the City of Eureka issuing the permits for the project, it was required to go through the City’s Design Review process.  Pacific Affiliates provided elevation views of the building showing the proposed finishes, colors, signs and various architectural features.  Once completed, Benchmark Realty became the focal point of an otherwise benign district of the City of Eureka.

Tasks Performed:

  • Site survey
  • Project plans
  • Project permitting, Design Review
  • Benchmark Realty