The Millyard

  • Land Development
The Millyard

Client: The Millyard
Funding Source: The Millyard & City of Arcata
Project Location: Arcata, CA

Pacific Affiliates was hired to secure development permits for the creation of a new retail lumber facility owned and operated by The Millyard.  Charged with developing preliminary plans, completing permitting in conformance with CEQA, and addressing site constraints, all conditions were satisfied before the close of purchase on the property.  As a condition of permitting a complete hydraulic analysis of the property and surrounding areas was required to address extreme winter flooding.  Hydraulic Analysis included subsurface soils investigation, percolation testing, and engineered storm water detention, infiltration and exfiltration facilities to serve the developed property.  Pacific Affiliates developed a multi-faceted system that addressed not only on site runoff, but offsite runoff, preserved valuable developable space and converted low level wetlands into a high quality natural drainage.  

Tasks Performed:

  • Hydraulic analysis of site (pre and post development )
  • Storm water retention and exfiltration design
  • Groundwater level and percolation testing
  • Complete permitting through City of Arcata, California Department of Fish and Game and Caltrans
  • The Millyard