City of Eureka Boardwalk

  • Project Management
City of Eureka Boardwalk

Client: City of Eureka
Funding Source: City of Eureka/ Rob & Cherie Arkley
Project Location: Eureka, CA

In 2000, the funding was completed for construction of The Eureka Boardwalk.  The waterfront redevelopment project, a $7.9 million quarter-mile long boardwalk stretching from the foot of C Street to G Street, took over two years from conception to completion. Pacific Affiliate’s work included:  hydrographic surveys, construction inspection and contract administration for the City of Eureka’s Boardwalk.  A tremendous amount of detail was required for the project, including benches, large containerized plantings, flagpoles and a 45-foot mast with signal flags.  Embedded in the center is a 28 ft diameter compass rose made of tinted, stamped concrete with inlaid brass and tile.  Completed on time and under budget, the project is a focal point of the City of Eureka’s waterfront.

Tasks Performed:

  • Construction staking
  • Meeting coordination
  • Project specifications
  • Processing of change orders
  • Quality control inspections
  • Material testing
  • Contract inspection and administration
  • Post-construction inspections
  • Post-construction as-built surveys and plans