Chevron Eureka Marine Terminal Maintenance Dredging

  • Project Management
Chevron Eureka Marine Terminal Maintenance Dredging
Client: Chevron U.S.A. Products Company, Inc.
Funding Source: Chevron U.S.A.
Project Location: Eureka, CA
Nearly all the fuel serving the greater Eureka-Arcata area is shipped in via barges and off-loaded at Chevron’s terminal.  A maintenance dredging project was undertaken to clear the marine terminal of unwanted sediment.  Pacific Affiliates was hired by Chevron U.S.A. Products Company, Inc. to perform project inspections that included on-site daily review of project activities, including dredging methods, material disposal, and compliance with permit conditions. Pacific Affiliates also performed Pre-dredge and Post-dredge hydrographic surveys.  Approximately 2,300 cubic yards of dredge material was removed from the marine terminal, allowing the dock to stay in operation and serve Humboldt County’s fuel needs.
Tasks performed:
  • Preparation of Bid Documents
  • Bid Assistance
  • Project Construction Inspection
  • Daily Reporting and Oversight of Dredging
  • Pre and Post Dredge Hydrographic Surveys


  • Chevron Eureka Marine Terminal Maintenance Dredging