Martins Ferry Bridge

  • Structural Engineering
Martins Ferry Bridge
Client: Mercer-Fraser
Funding Source: Caltrans
Project Location: Klamath River Bridge (Martins Ferry) - State Highway Route 169
Mercer-Fraser hired Pacific Affiliates as a construction engineering consultant to design a road layout and temporary bridge for road use during the seismic retrofit and rehabilitation of the Martins Ferry Bridge.  The bridge is located on State Highway Route 169 passing over the Klamath River.  The temporary bridge ensured that traffic was able to continue travel over the Klamath River during the construction phases of the newly rehabilitated bridge.  This project was a critical undertaking as the east hill side of the bridge was slipping into the river and taking the bridge foundations with it, potentially resulting in bridge collapse.
Tasks performed:
  • Design of temporary bridge structure
  • Design of guard railings along main bridge