State of California Route 169 Bridges

  • Geotechnical Engineering
State of California Route 169 Bridges

Client:  Mercer-Fraser Co.
Funding Source: Caltrans
Project Location: Weitchpec, Humboldt, CA

Mercer-Fraser hired Pacific Affiliates as a construction engineering consultant for the replacement of four bridges on Route 169 in northern Humboldt County.  Although the design of the new bridges was complete, Pacific Affiliates was charged with structural design for temporary bracing systems, geotechnical investigations, foundation analysis, temporary guardrail anchorage, road layout and temporary bridge design.  Successful completion of the aforementioned tasks allowed Mercer Fraser to beat their construction budget and schedule en route to successful completion of the project.

Tasks Performed:

  • Geotechnical analysis of bearing soil for bridge abutments
  • Bridge demolition plans
  • Engineering of lateral reinforcement of bridge structures for bridge deconstruction
  • Anchor design for temporary bridge guardrail
  • Detour route and bridge layout
  • Design of temporary bridge structure
  • State of California Route 169 Bridges